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September 2022

Video | Hotel Website & Direct Distribution

"As soon as visitors come to your website, they have to be able to realize they can get the best good deal here" - says Hicham Benyebdri, Founder at Userguest.

The different factors that go into a successful hotel website design are highlighted, including different technical perspectives. Also, what elements and functionalities to consider for your hotel website and direct distribution strategy, how to drive onsite conversion, trends and developments we should focus on, and more is touched upon in this editorial video.

Hicham Benyebdri from Userguest and Fausto Marques from GuestCentric joined André Baljeu in this video to share their expertise.

Time stamps

01:03 - Introduction: Why is a Hotel Website a Critical Element of Hotel Businesses?

01:58 - How to drive Onsite Conversion (Hicham)

03:09 - Key Factor: Give Incentives (Hicham)

05:00 - Trends and Developments to consider (Hicham)

08:45 - Key Elements and Functionalities (Fausto)

10:29 - Features to Increase Direct traffic to Hotel Website (Fausto)

12:23 - 3 Key Option Features to provide to your Website Visitors (Fausto)

13:19 - 4 Critical Optimisation Area (Fausto)

16:49 - Conclusion 

Hicham Benyebdri, Founder at Userguest

Hicham is a hotel marketing professional with extensive experience in performance marketing. He gained deep knowledge and expertise in hotel tech whilst working at Expedia, focusing on Meta, bidding and marketing automation during this time. After successfully launching a hotel marketing agency specializing in performance marketing, Hicham founded Userguest with co-founders Assil Bernossi and Ahmed Chami. Together, they are on a mission to empower hotels with technology to be more competitive against OTAs.

Connect with Hicham on LinkedIn.

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Fausto Marques,

Fausto is responsible for leading Guestcentric’s customer-facing teams of Account Managers, Customer Support Agents, and Onboarding Specialists. They focus on helping customers accelerate full product deployment and utilization, earn and sustain customer loyalty, nurture referrals, identify new business opportunities, source customer insight, and distribute knowledge.

Fausto is passionate about delivering and maintaining the highest standards of support to independent and boutique hotels worldwide as they grow their businesses. 

Under his leadership, Guestcentric’s Customer Experience Team now boasts an average case resolution time of under 24 hours, a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and 95% of customers who would recommend Guestcentric’s customer service to their peers.

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