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February 2022

Podcast - Alternative Accommodation Technology, Learnings for Hotels

How can hotels build back their business and thrive operationally whilst dealing with the reality of the current growing labour shortage? 

Let's look at the Alternate Accommodation side of the industry and consider how they have been applying technology to their operations in recent years and thus seeing positive results. 

Rahul Sahni, Chief Product Officer at OYO Vacation Homes, Hauke Lenthe, Managing Director International at Nomadix, and Nicholas Kaye, Founder & Owner at QuantumNet join André Baljeu to discuss aspects and questions around the ways hotels can consider and look to how Alternative Accommodation providers have applied technology to support their business, looking at topics such as:

  • How connected technology enables alternate accommodation providers to scale in the business parts that matter, such as supply growth, revenue generation, operations, and guest retention

  • The role of network infrastructure and Wi-Fi-related services in Multi-Dwelling Units

  • What are the reasons for a mobile app playing a vital role in the process for both parties involved - the operators and the guests?

  • Managing Customer Profiles - how does and should technology assist with this?

  • How does automation provide alternative accommodations with a competitive advantage?

  • Security aspects, the importance of Property Management Software (PMS) Integration, and more...

Hauke Lenthe, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific at Nomadix

Hauke Lenthe, Managing Director, EMEA & APAC: Brings more than 25 years of hospitality and international hotel technology experience, spanning from managed internet services to operational and guest-facing software. Previous roles include Vice President of Middle East and Africa in Dubai at iBAHN and Executive Vice President at Shiji Group supporting Hetras Cloud PMS. He also served as Partner and CCO for Neorcha, a Dubai-based hotel app startup,

Connect with Hauke on Linkedin.

Nomadix is a Contributing Member at

Rahul Sahni, Chief Product Officer at OYO Vacation Homes

Rahul is a Product leader with 13 years of experience in envisioning, building and managing large-scale, global products across industries, incl. e-commerce, hospitality, food service & manufacturing. He built mobile apps and web platforms for B2C & B2B, SaaS, Payments, Revenue Management & Pricing platforms. Rahul established and led multiple cross-functional teams both in hyper-growth and transformation roles, fostering a culture of data-driven product development and user experience innovation.

Connect with Rahul on LinkedIn.

Nicholas Kaye, Founder & Owner at QuantumNet

With nearly two decades of experience, Nicholas Kaye has an impressive knowledge of the ever-changing technology industry.

An expert in all things audio visual including room control, automation and control systems, fibre and wireless networks, and LED lighting and signage to name a few. Nicholas also delivers a valuable understanding of the technicalities and challenges involved when bringing these products together seamlessly.

Acting across all FEC assets and interests, Nicholas has his finger on the pulse for upcoming technologies and market disruptions.

He is currently working with state representatives and key Australian companies on the implementation and understanding of Smart Cities, and how this can be used to boost hospitality and tourism markets – markets that affect many developments around Australia. 

No stranger to the complexities of launching new products, Nicholas has previously delivered a world-first product to market for residential towers.

Other accomplishments include managing deliverable elements for companies like Hoyts, Walt Disney, Fox Private Group and Crown Towers.


Image by Maxim Berg on Unsplash

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