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What is meant by the Editorials?

The 'Editorials' are the monthly content publications. Each month is dedicated to a specific industry topic. 4 content pieces, focusing on the monthly topic, are published each month: 1 article, 1 educational video, 1 podcast and 1 infographic.

Do I need to pay the subscription fee in order to access the 'Subscriber Content' and the 'Editorials'?

No, you do not need to pay to see part of the subscriber content. But you do need to subscribe. As a 'Free Subscriber' you have access to 3 content pieces of the 'editorials'. Only as a 'Premium Subscriber', meaning a paid one, you benefit from unlimited access, as well as offline access (via the App) and the option to store and download content pieces, such as the infographics in high resolution.

There is plenty of free content available on, accessible also for Non-Subscribers. Explore our daily growing database of video and podcast interviews with industry experts and stay involved.