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July 2020

Podcast | Biometrics

As the industry evolves to new regulations for guest and staff health, contactless and self-service items, hotels and restaurants should begin to explore the use of biometric technologies as a way of complying with social distancing, specifically for temperature scanning and visitor management? This podcast answers questions and provides information about how biometric technology could become a valuable resource for the hospitality industry.

  • Why is Biometrics becoming important in the Hospitality Industry?
  • What are some hotel use cases for biometric technology?
  • Do you think COVID-19 will change consumer minds about biometric technology's usefulness?
  • What kind of privacy considerations do hotels have to keep in mind when using biometric technology?
  • Who “owns” and is responsible for protecting biometric data?
  • What are some predictions you have on how biometric tech will change the way consumers live and travel?

 Pedro Torres, Co-Founder at YooniK

  Gabor Imre, CEO at FTF International AG

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