One click sometimes is a whole new experience, and nowadays, when hotels struggle for every new client, this click opens a whole new world of opportunities. In the hospitality industry, everybody is discussing the 2022 traveling boom, the post-pandemic challenges in all aspects, and the upcoming uncertain times. This is leading to a great push and focus on the development and improvement of the quality of services according to customer expectations. According to the Hospitality in 2025 Report (conducted by Oracle and Skift), almost 75 % of hoteliers have said that they are already investing or intend to invest in the next year in contactless, self-service technologies to reduce cost, assist guests and increase the staff efficiency.  “Want-it-now” culture defines the importance of an excellent customer journey throughout every step. Together with the post-pandemic reality, it determines the trends in the must-have functionalities and almost endless opportunities for personalization. Investing in the right technology and resources for the hoteliers is now even more important than ever to receive a platform (a website) full of personalized activities and