Functionalities of good Hotel Website Design Hotel websites (like any other website) should cover key elements and functionalities so the website visitor receives the best possible experience while browsing. A hotel's website is an optical medium; in the best scenario, they create emotions that align with what the hotel offers. When considering a state-of-the-art website, the hotel should first define the emotions and messages the website should convey. What does the hotel stand for? How should the guests feel when they enter the lobby for the first time? Or when they check out? The website should also highlight the hotel's values and principles. Most of us can differentiate between a well and a poorly designed website. We can say if a browsing experience was positive or negative if we immediately found the information we were looking for or if the first click returned a "Page not found" message. However, few of us can define what made a website visit a good experience. While hotels should express their websites' emotions, feelings, and even the visual and written content, a specialist should take over the rest. Such a specialist can be a web designer