Integrated payments are an essential solution offering numerous benefits that allow hotels to provide a simple, safe and long-term experience to guests. Payment processing is also an important element of the online guest journey. This detailed article should explain how integrated payment processing works in and for hotels with focus on their brand website in order to optimise the booking process (pre-stay)  and operational outlets during the guest stay.   Integrated Payments are Accelerating in the Hospitality Industry  Investments in payments modernisation are accelerating.  There are many reasons for this. From meeting customer demands for price and value-added services, keeping up with competitors, and changes in the regulatory landscape, to emerging opportunities in payment-related areas.  These projects are often part of long-term modernisation and digitalisation strategies; for many organisations, earlier investments are already paying off. Global providers in the travel industry, like, and D-Edge - just to name a few, have already entered the field.  Anticipating the n