Video | Mobile Check-In And Digital Keys

Video | Mobile Check-In And Digital Keys

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In recent years our industry has started to introduce innovative technologies that assist in streamlining processes, improving guest experiences, and reducing operating costs. At the forefront of this change have been Mobile Check-Ins and Digital Keys.

Mobile Check-Ins allow guests to bypass the traditional check-in process at a hotel's front desk, removing the need for physical paperwork and minimising waiting time. Digital Keys elevate the guest experience further, offering the ability to unlock a hotel room door using a mobile device. Together, they help deliver to the guest a seamless and personalised stay.

Time Stamps:

00:01 - Introduction

01:00 - Functionality

01:37 - Technology Needed

03:23 - Guest Interaction

04:54 - Cost - Benefit - Analysis

06:08 - Pros & Cons

07:29 - Conclusion

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