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Video | Integrated Payments in Hospitality

Video | Integrated Payments in Hospitality

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Payment processing is an essential aspect of the online guest journey for hotels. With the rise of online bookings, hotels must provide their guests with a simple, safe, and convenient payment experience. Integrated payments have become an indispensable solution for hotels to optimise the booking process and provide a seamless experience during the guest's stay. 

In this video, we discuss the difference between integrated and non-integrated payments, the benefits, the methods through which payments can be made in a hotel focusing on integrated payments, how integrated payments work with hotel operational technologies such as the Booking Engine, PMS, and POS, available methods of payment, types of payments, and how most integrated payment systems work.

José Antonio Núñez (Sciant) and Stephan Esten-Feilen (Planet) join host André Baljeu ( to discuss some of the current technology trends and the business Benefits of Integrated Payments solutions and processors.  

Time Stamps

00:01 - Intro

00:53 - An Essential Solution

01:44 Integrated vs. Non-Integrated

02:24 - Benefits of Integrated Payments

03:39 - Integrated Payment Methods

04:23 - Integrated Payments & Hotel Tech

05:32 - Considerations

05:54 - Roles of a Payment Processor

07:22 - Integrations

07:50 - Monitor & Optimise

08:12 - How Payment Processors Protect Hotels

11:44 - Change in technology & Needs

13:44 - Advice when Sourcing Payment Processors

16:15 - Challenges & How to Address Them

20:23 - Conclusion

José Antonio Núñez, Senior Vice President and Practice Head Travel & Hospitality at Sciant

José is passionate about Consulting, Hospitality, start-ups, Payments, Distribution and Technology, and Digital Marketing. Having worked in different departments and types of companies, José has an integral vision of the hotel sector, in which he has been developing his career for more than 20 years. An expert in identifying and understanding the key processes, partners and technology in the sector, integrating and optimising their operations.

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Stephan Esten-Feilen, Director Sales Hospitality Germany & CEE KAM at Planet

Stephan has long-term experience in the Payments industry with a proven track record in creating and implementing service and hardware distribution networks. 

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Planet is a contributing member at

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