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Video | Benefits of Cloud based Food & Beverage technology

Video | Benefits of Cloud based Food & Beverage technology

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"Even a single individual restaurant can start thinking about an enterprise solution if they have those expansion and growth plans, because when picking a solution you want the ability to grow as much as possible" - says Jay Sherman, Global Pre-Sales Director at Shiji Group.

In this video, we are going to cover the business benefits of using Cloud based food and beverage technology. Its important hotels keep up with the latest technologies to streamline operations and improve customer experience. Moving from legacy POS systems to cloud-based solutions is a great place to start.

Jay Sherman (Shiji Group) and Mark Fancourt (TRAVHOTECH) join host André Baljeu ( to discuss some of the current technology trends and the business Benefits of Cloud based Food & Beverage technology.  

Time stamps

00:40 - Introduction - Benefits of the Cloud

02:50 - Key Food & Beverage Technology

08:20 - Enterprise Solutions

09:50 - Implementing Enterprise Solutions

12:32 - Integrations & Payment Solutions

13:50 - Payment Solutions

17:15 - Mobile Ordering

18:22 - Conclusion

Jay Sherman,  Global Pre-Sales Director at Shiji Group

Jay Sherman is the global director of Pre-Sales for Shiji Group, joining Shiji in 2017 after 13 years with MICROS Systems. Jay worked in both companies in a variety of roles, from implementation to sales and more.

With over 25 years in the hospitality industry, 19 of which are on the technology side of the business, Jay Sherman has experienced every kind of operational style from legendary resorts, stadiums, casinos and even fast food. Living and working in North America, Asia Pacific, and now Europe has also given the opportunity to understand the many different cultural aspects of hospitality and how widely the needs and opportunities vary.

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Shiji is a Founding Member at

Mark Fancourt, Co-founder at TRAVHOTECH

Mark Fancourt is the Co-Founder of TRAVHOTECH, the next generation technology consultant for the modern hospitality & travel world,, a forward-thinking approach to hospitality information security within the complexities of the hotel operations environment, FOODnBEVTECH, helping restaurants & bars make the right technology choices and Testbed Vegas, the nonprofit for hospitality & travel technology in Las Vegas.

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