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Video | The History of Hotel & Travel Technology

Video | The History of Hotel & Travel Technology

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In this video André Baljeu takes you on a tour along the comprehensive timeline of the history of hotel and travel technology, highlighting some key elements of the history dating back to the 1800s and its progress and evolution up to today.

When and why was the first mass transportation facilitated? Who was the first Travel Agent, when did this start and make traveling more accessible?

When did hotels start to offer electricity, in-room bathrooms incl. indoor plumbing, showers, passenger lifts, and even in-room telephones?
Which hotel group was the first to implement guest credit cards?
When did the first airport car rental service start operating? When did TVs in hotel guest-rooms become a standard, when did central air conditioning?

What was the first online reservation system for airlines founded, when launched the first automated electronic reservation system in hospitality, and what hotel brand introduced this first? When was the first hotel website published, when the first IBE, and so on...take this brief tour through the history of hotel technology.

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