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Podcast | Housekeeping Technology

Podcast | Housekeeping Technology

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In this episode Karen O'Neill, President Americas at Knowcross and Jonathan Weizman, CEO at RoomChecking join André Baljeu to discuss Housekeeping Technologies, what differences there are between Housekeeping modules in stand-alone Property Management Systems (PMS), versus 3rd party solutions, what to consider when selecting a Housekeeping technology and how hotels can leverage these solutions best, and more.

Karen O'Neill, President Americas at Knowcross

Karen O'Neill is a thought leader and hospitality industry veteran with over twenty years of experience working with top tier hospitality and restaurant clients. Karen spent fifteen years with MICROS Systems where she held various positions in project management, major account management and sales and strategies. In her last role as Vice President; Hotel Sales and Strategies, Karen worked closely with leading global hotel chains, independent properties and management companies on their technology strategy, system selection and deployment. Additionally, she established multiple, ongoing partner/client and vendor relationships.  

In January 2013, Karen founded KnockOut Hospitality Consulting, LLC. KnockOut is a team assisting hotel clients to streamline and manage key operations and also bridge the vendor-client relation by formulating a strong partnership; assisting hospitality vendors introduce and maximize their product offering by bringing the latest technology and feature requirements forth. In October 2015, Karen joined StayNTouch, a SaaS property management system provider as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In this role, Karen managed the company’s global sales and marketing initiatives, contributing to their aggressive growth. Most recently, Karen assumed the responsibility of President, Americas for Knowcross with a focus to grow and manage the company’s operations and sales initiatives in the Americas region. Karen also manages the global marketing team for Knowcross and has greatly impacted their digital strategy and market presence. With the evolution of technology, Knowcross’ game-changing products for housekeeping automation and workflow management are a must for hotels globally, to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers. The Americas is a key market and an engine of growth for Knowcross. Karen is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science from the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Management.

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Jonathan Weizmann, CEO at RoomChecking

After being a Chief Technology Officer in many technology companies, Jonathan Weizman decided to innovate in the hospitality industry. Facing the huge challenge of Property Management System (PMS) interfaces, Jonathan had to step back and create a PMS interface technology stack before shipping RoomChecking to hotels. Jonathan is also a winner of the CES innovation award and the MacWorld award.

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