As the hospitality industry recovers, it has spent an enormous effort on moving its systems to the cloud and trying to consolidate the guest profile information into a ‘single source of truth’. Many refer to it as the PMS, the CRM or a data platform. Why spend effort into centralising guest profile information? Amongst things like security, maintenance, software updates and lower cost of ownership, the main reason is that it allows them to know more about their guests and service them better. The industry strives towards personalised offers and direct guest communication, using check-in tools, apps, digital key cards, analytics, AI and many other smart booking systems to achieve this level of service.   If we think about our habits. What’s the first thing we typically do when stuck in a long line at a coffee shop? What about waiting to check into a hotel? Or at the airport waiting on a flight? How do you fill the time? My bet is you grab your phone or computer to check email, connect with friends, work on a project due in a few hours, or just be entertained. This is common across generations and geographies. Staying connected to our devices has beco